Hats on for the Homeless

What a very successful day! Mrs Gadston probably had the best hat amongst the staff (Mrs Lake might disagree!), but it was impossible to choose amongst the children.

Having been busy preparing for today by taking assembly and¬†making cakes for their fundraising efforts for St Mungo’s Broadway – a¬†charity that supports the homeless – Year 5 should be very pleased with their hard work.

The total raised stands at £238.69

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Indoor Athletics

Children from years 5 & 6 took part in the¬†Athletics Dorset School Games qualifier. St Mary’s finished an excellent second and proved themselves to be the best in Purbeck.¬†

Congratulations to all pupils who took part in this event and our previous round victory as well.

Year 5 Bushcraft

Year 5 were very lucky to be offered an afternoon ‘Bushcrafting’ by a local outdoor pursuits company.¬†We had a shelter-building competition and learned about fire and how to safely start one.

When we had lit a fire we were able to melt marshmallows, sandwich them between chocolate biscuits and enjoy!

Hats on for the Homeless

Year 5 shared their understanding of how the homeless are supported by charities like St Mungo’s, Broadway.¬† They are organising ‘Hat’s On¬†for the Homeless’ on Friday 30th January.¬† Watch the website and check Parent mail for further details of how you can help.¬†

Year 6 Roman Feast

Year 6 enjoyed an afternoon of Roman feasting. They cooked all the food themselves Рtheir menu included: spiced melon, cheese cakes with honey, spiced sausage stew, lentils with coriander and stuffed dormice! (AKA chicken drumsticks).  Delicious.

News from Year 1

Some recent photos from Year 1: