Careers Day

careers day (27)

Years 5 & 6 had the opportunity to find out about the skills and qualities need for a wide variety of careers and jobs at the Careers Afternoon.

The afternoon had 2 separate parts.  Firstly they took part in an  session with Katherine Speed from Ansbury Careers Service.  They completed activities linked to the qualifications, qualities and skills that might be needed for a variety of jobs.  Everyone found out all kinds of information and had lots of ideas for careers that they had never thought of before!

During the second session pupils had the opportunity to talk with a group of year 12 and 13 students from Purbeck School.  They brought in information about the subjects they were studying and the told them about their aspirations for when they leave school; including Law, Finance, Teaching, Engineering and paleontology! We were also able to welcome some past Pupils from Purbeck school who had all recently qualified in different areas – including engineering, biology and veterinary science.  They were able to talk to the children about their routes into the different careers they were pursuing and many that linked to the subjects they had studied.

The children were fascinated and really enjoyed the opportunity to find out about the young people and their lives. It certainly gave them all some food for thought.

A very special thanks must go to all our visitors but especially the Purbeck School; the students, Mrs. Seymour and especially for allowing us to use their contact at Ansbury Careers.