Green Afternoon

The whole school took part in a Green Afternoon on Thursday 24 September. Activities were organized by the Green Team and included composing music, art, design technology and writing.

Year 3 visit Studland

Year 3 were lucky enough to be invited to view the Cyril Diver exhibition at Studland Study Centre, and to undertake some fieldwork looking for plants that were recorded by him at Studland 80 years ago. There were fascinating photos and specimens of insects to look at, and microscopes, too, for close-ups of moss, moths’ wings and beetles’ legs.

Read more about the Cyril Diver Project at Studland.

School Council & Green Team

Classes elected their representatives for the Green Team and School Council this week. Prospective candidates presented manifestos explaining why they chose to stand, as well as their suitability for the job.  Children then voted in class elections. Congratulations to the successful candidates.