Road Safety Week – November 2015

Year 6 joined together with Dorset Police to raise awareness of road safety during their Road Safety Week.

Firstly they found out a little about how to keep themselves safe on and near roads. Then they helped the police with some traffic checks outside school.  The pupils used the ‘speed gun’ to check the speed of cars in the 30 mile an hour limit past the school; those caught speeding were talked to by the police and the children, who asked them to remember to drive carefully and safely past the school.

Many thanks to Dorset Police for a very interesting and informative morning.

Football success

Congratulations to the St Mary’s football team on their 7-0 victory over Bovington Primary.

Anti-bullying Week

23 November is the first day of Anti-Bullying Week, and our anti-bullying ambassadors began the week with a key stage 2 assembly.

The ambassadors will also be working with each class during the week, and two of them will be available in the school library every Wednesday lunchtime for anyone to talk to.


Reading Week – Bedtime Stories

More than 90 children came in to school on Tuesday evening, 17 November, for bedtime stories in their classrooms. They were read to by Mr White, Mrs Gadston and Mr Wollen, while their parents heard a talk from Mrs Meteau on reading, as well as attending the book fair in the hall. Thank you to members of the Friends of St Mary’s for making the hot chocolate.