Year 4 London Trip to Kidzania

Year 4 had a brilliant trip to London to visit Kidzania. We travelled by train, including hurried changes at Clapham Junction! The children thoroughly enjoyed their self-chosen sessions at Kidzania, including hotel work, chocolate-, smoothie- and cerealbar-making, vet, university, doctor, courier, jewellery, engineering, power supply. They all relished the feel of their wads of Kidzos, and choosing how to spend their time.

Fun Run for Brother John

On Friday 18 March the whole school took part in a fun run on the school playing field. Very well done to everyone who took part and to the many parents who came to support the children, or to run themselves. We were raising money for our partner school in Uganda, to help them put a secure fence around their school. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of friends and family we have so far raised over £1000!

Science Week – March 2016

Science Week was enjoyed by the whole school with lots of practical and investigative science in the classrooms and grounds. We ended the week with a brilliant assembly from Boffin John.

Year 6 visit London

Year 6 had an amazing trip to London on Thursday. They enjoyed an informative and educational tour and workshop at the Houses of Parliament, a walking tour of the area close by seeing: Westminster Abbey, Horse Guard Parade and Downing Street and finally a sunset experience on the London Eye.

Fashion Show

A group of Year 6 Pupils have decided to host a fashion show. This will be held on the 18th of April 2016.

The reason for this fashion show is to raise money for CAFOD. We are aiming to raise at least £65 to buy two of their World Gifts: A ‘Perfect Pair of Pigeons’- a pair of pigeons will breed and provide food for a family.  In addition we would like to buy a ‘Chicken coop’; this gift provides the equipment and food to nurture chicks and raise them to chickens.

On the day it will cost 20p to enter and there will be refreshments and biscuits. Clothes will be different ages and sizes so the costs will vary.

We are asking you to send in unwanted clothes, however, these clothes need to be nearly new in order for us to sell them. Please NO school clothes.  Please send clothes to the Year 6 classroom.

If you would like to donate or buy your own World Gifts, you can do it here.

Easter Fair

Year 6 will be organising an Easter Fair on the 22rd of March to raise money for CAFOD. The money we raise will be used to buy: Start a Business; a Goat, Chicken Coop, Vegetable Garden, and a Pair of Pigeons, from CAFOD world gifts. Buying these things will help people in need rebuild their lives

The Fair will be during school times and classes will come one at a time. There will be remote control car races, a cake sale, also an Easter Egg Hunt, and mini games. To have ago at each activity children will need around £2.50.

Composting Assembly

Kirsten from Dorset Waste Partnership came to deliver an assembly about composting. We learned about all the things that can go into a compost bin, and how to keep the right balance of browns and greens! We’ll be using our knowledge managing our own compost bins at school.