Fashion Show

A group of Year 6 Pupils have decided to host a fashion show. This will be held on the 18th of April 2016.

The reason for this fashion show is to raise money for CAFOD. We are aiming to raise at least £65 to buy two of their World Gifts: A ‘Perfect Pair of Pigeons’- a pair of pigeons will breed and provide food for a family.  In addition we would like to buy a ‘Chicken coop’; this gift provides the equipment and food to nurture chicks and raise them to chickens.

On the day it will cost 20p to enter and there will be refreshments and biscuits. Clothes will be different ages and sizes so the costs will vary.

We are asking you to send in unwanted clothes, however, these clothes need to be nearly new in order for us to sell them. Please NO school clothes.  Please send clothes to the Year 6 classroom.

If you would like to donate or buy your own World Gifts, you can do it here.