Swanage Town Council meeting with Year 6

Councillor Bonfield and Nicola Clark, from the Town Hall, visited school to meet with 5 representatives from Year 6 who had previously attended a Beach Management Meeting.  All 5 had asked pertinent questions at the meeting and were keen to receive updates on topics such as: bins, dogs on beaches, safer swimming area, speeding boats, first aid and lifeguards.

We found out that many of our ideas have been discussed at further meetings and learnt about the process the councillors have to go through whilst effectively liasing with many other agencies.

We were most interested to hear how one beach legislation has been rewritten due to St Mary’s pupils asking for an explanation of the complicated language used in it. We have also been asked to help with designing a poster for dog owners after our pupils asked for clarification of local legislation.

Councillor Bonfield was very keen to encourage all pupils to contact the Town Hall or himself if they have any questions or suggestions.