Advent at St Edward’s

Advent begins on Sunday 2nd December and at the 9 a.m. mass we will begin to celebrate the four weeks with a mass theme this week of ‘Light a Candle for Advent’, where each child will have the opportunity to light a votive candle for their own personal intention during Advent.

Every week, at the Children’s Liturgy, we will use the custom called the ‘Jesse Tree’ to help the children develop a stronger sense of who Jesus is and who were the people on the path before him. The stories from the Old and New Testament become a way for children to experience God’s presence themselves. As the tales unfold, we hear of Jacob’s reconciliation with his brother; David, who became a great king but was not too proud to ask for forgiveness for his mistakes; Solomon, who chose the gift of wisdom instead of riches and Mary who said “Yes” to God when she was asked to be the mother of Jesus.

While they listen to the stories, the children will hear about people who sought answers to difficult questions and tried to be faithful to God in spite of many problems. They can begin to feel their place as part of the people of God.

Advent is a wonderful preparation time for children, leading up to the great feast of Christmas and St. Edward and the Holy Spirit offers a warm welcome to you all.