Relationships & Sex Education

From September 2020 all primary schools have a statutory duty to teach Relationships & Sex Education (RSE). Department of Education guidance is available on the DFE website.

Our multi-academy Trust, Plymouth CAST has produced an RSE policy to meet these requirements that is also in line with the teaching of the Catholic Church and which will be adopted across all its academies, including St Mary’s. This policy is now open to parents for a consultation period and is available on the policies page. If you would like a paper copy, please ask in the office. The consultation runs from now until the 20th March.

The guidance recommends that schools should ensure that, when they consult with parents, they provide examples of the resources that they plan to use as this can be reassuring for parents and enables them to continue the conversations started in class at home. We have therefore also made available a document that breaks down in more detail what children will be taught. This document, RSE A Model Primary Catholic Curriculum, shows the content different age groups will be learning. Much of this is taken from an online resource teachers will be using called Life to the Full. Parents are able to log in to see some of the resources at
Parent login is as follows:

Username:         st-marys-bh19

Password:          mary-19

In addition, there will be a meeting for parents who would like more information or have any questions about the school’s teaching of RSE in the school hall on Thursday 26th March at 7.30 pm.