Doodle Maths summer challenge

Doodle Maths have created their biggest DoodleMaths Summer Challenge ever and made it even easier to take part!

According to a study by the University of Bath just 20 minutes of DoodleMaths a week is scientifically proven to combat learning loss. This inspired the launch of the Summer Challenge which has already prevented learning loss in thousands of children.

What you need to do
Step 1: Log in to the Parent Dashboard and in the Summer Challenge panel, press Register next to your child’s name (you will need to set up a parent account if you have not already done this – it’s free and easy to do)

Step 2: Encourage your child to earn 750 stars (or 600 if they were born after 31/08/13) and achieve a 14-day streak in DoodleMaths

Step 3: When your child has reached their goal, visit the Parent Dashboard and press Submit entry to claim their reward
If you have any questions or need any help, just head to the Parent Dashboard or, and click on the green chat icon to find answers or speak with the Doodle Parent Support Team.