Year 6 Tyneham Public Meeting

In a dramatic re-enactment of the Public Inquiry, held at the Masonic Hall, Wareham in March 1948, the residents of Tyneham argued their case against members of His Majesty’s Government and representatives from the Army.

The village was evacuated in December 1943 to allow the Army to use the area as a firing range. The Government of the time had promised that they would be allowed to return after the war. In 1949 they were still waiting…

After an emotional and sometimes heated debate, the general public were left to cast their votes against the following motion: Should the families of Tyneham village and surrounding area be allowed to return to their homes?

After careful deliberation, the votes were cast and counted; the result was that they should not be allowed to return to their homes – it was agreed that the Government and Army has acted in the publics’ best interest with their original decision!

Well done to Year 6 for some excellent research into the families and circumstances of the requisition of the properties and land and for showing off some super acting skills.