OfSTED Report

Whilst the overall judgement is a disappointment, we are pleased that the inspectors recognised the improvements that have been, and are being made, and that we are now recovering quickly. All the staff at St Mary’s are extremely committed to maintaining this momentum and are confident that the areas requiring improvement will be addressed as soon as possible.

We were pleased that a number of strengths were identified and that personal development, behaviour and welfare, which includes attendance and safeguarding, was judged to be good along with Early Years Provision. Sport was also recognised as a strength of the school and we were pleased with the following comments:

  • Most pupils leave school with skills and knowledge at or above that expected nationally in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • There is a strong culture of care and support. The school motto ‘Be Loving and Truthful’ shines through in much of the school’s work.
  • The curriculum provides wide-ranging opportunities for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The school sits at the heart of the community. Links are strong with pupils being actively involved in a full range of events and activities across the year.
  • The behaviour of pupils is good. Typically, pupils are motivated to learn and make the most of the activities on offer. Pupils demonstrate positive attitudes to learning and generally present their work well.
  • Teaching in the early years has a strong impact in cultivating children’s’ positive attitudes to learning. Well-established routines mean that children settle quickly and enjoy the curriculum on offer.

As OfSTED confirmed, St Mary’s has a strong culture where children’s happiness and welfare are paramount. We feel confident that these strengths are important foundations on which the other areas identified for improvement can be built upon effectively.

How the school has identified and is responding to areas that need improving is outlined in the School Improvement Plan which can be found here.

If you would like to discuss the report informally you are welcome to speak to one of our governors or a member of the senior leadership team, available through the school office.

The full OfSTED Report from October 2018 can be accessed here.