Our Uganda link

St Mary’s shares a partnership with a school in Uganda, Nakirebe Primary School, and close ties with its headteacher, Brother Kizito John.

The most recent partnership visit was a trip to Uganda by Mrs Meteau and Mrs Gadston in October 2015. Read about their trip here.

The projects we have contributed to, through fundraising are:

New School Hall

Building a hall and two small sick bays has meant that pupils can now have music and dance lessons inside without having to empty their classrooms and they have somewhere dry to eat their lunch in the rainy seasons.  In addition contagious boarders and orphans can be separated from the others to help the spread of infections.


Water Purification System

The school has no water pump and all their water is collected from the roofs and stored in large containers.   This means sickness from drinking dirty water is common and our next project was to install a water purification system.  This means that now all their drinking water runs through the filter and they are able to drink clean, safe water.  Hopefully this will mean that outbreaks of and deaths from Cholera will decrease.

New Classroom Block

Our current project is a new classroom block designed as a large building that has been divided into four sections.  Hopefully this will allow for four of the classes, for the older year groups, to split into two.  Currently there can be over 100 pupils squashed into one room.  Smaller class sizes and additional space should mean students can study more effectively and in greater comfort.

By the time we go in October the construction of this should be complete.  It may be that we need to provide a water collection system from the roof and some internal furniture.

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