Staff at St Mary’s

Senior leadership team
Mr Frame, headteacher
Mrs Meteau, deputy headteacher

Office staff
Mrs Williams, finance officer and school business manager
Mrs Maidman, admin officer

Lunch time supervisors and support staff
Miss Nunn, lunchtime supervisor
Mrs Fagge, lunchtime supervisor
Mrs Bascones, lunchtime supervisor
Mrs Webb, mealtime assistant
Miss Gower, mealtime assistant
Mr Bollani, minibus driver

Teaching Staff (subject leadership)
Miss O’Donoghue, reception class teacher
Miss Bennett, year 1 teacher
Mrs de Leon, year 2 teacher (MFL, history)
Miss Michie, year 3 teacher (art, music)
Mrs Gould, year 3 teacher (DT)
Mr March, year 4 teacher (computing)
Mr White, year 5 teacher (PE, key stage 2 maths)
Mrs Meteau, year 6 teacher (English, RE)

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Anderson-Doig
Mrs Berry
Ms Colquhoun
Mrs Fitzgerald
Mrs Grygiel
Miss Jewell
Mrs Nash (HLTA) (PSHE)
Miss Norman
Ms Ritchie
Ms Schooling
Mrs White