Christmas Collections for Nakirebe Primary School

We hope you enjoyed the wonderful Nativity performances put on by reception and years 1-4, and the Year 5 & 6 Carol Service. Many thanks for your generous donations for our partner school in Uganda; at all these events a total of £323.12 was collected which will be used for seeds, tools and a Christmas treat. Brother John sent Christmas blessings to us all and thanked everyone for their continued support. The orphans who live permanently at the school celebrated Christmas in the country at Brother John’s home village, where they had a ‘happy time’. The pictures shows some of the fruits of last year’s hard work in the garden.

Christmas Food Bank Collection

The food bank were delighted with your contributions to their Christmas food boxes through our Las Posadas initiative. Eighty additional boxes were prepared including some festive treats. Many thanks for your generosity and we hope you enjoyed hosting Mary and Joseph (and their donkey) and sharing the Christmas story in your homes.


Pupil Chaplains

Our pupil chaplains have been busy writing Christmas cards for all our volunteers, and for parishioners who live on their own or have illness.  We are hoping some of them might like to come to visit us for tea when the weather is a little warmer.


Year 5 & Year 6 Music Compositions

Over the last half term, Years 5 and 6 have been working together, with award-winning composer David Fawcett, to write lyrics and compose music for two new songs.  Year 5 used our school motto – Be loving and truthful – and the Gospel values as themes for their lyrics while year 6 used Pope Francis’ letter to the world, Laudato Si, as their inspiration.

You can listen to the songs here:

Year 5: Be Loving and Truthful

Year 6: It Starts With Just One Feeling

Carol Service at St Edward’s

Thank you to everyone who came to our Carol Service at St Edward’s.  It was a lovely service which the children led with great confidence.  The band, made up from staff and pupils, provided accompaniment to the congregational carols whilst David Fawcett played piano for all the musical items.

Years 5 and 6 premiered the school songs which they have been writing in their music lessons with David Fawcett – the year 5 song, Be loving and Truthful,  is linked to our school motto and Gospel values whilst the year 6 song used Laudato Si (the Pope’s letter to the world) as their inspiration.

Thank you also for your generous donations for Nakirebe Primary School in Uganda –  just over £160.

Las Posadas Liturgy

Yesterday, Year 6 led the whole school in a liturgy to celebrate the beginning of Advent and the start of Las Posadas at St Mary’s. They started the worship by bringing candles into the dark hall to represent the light of Jesus bringing light to the dark places of our world and lives.

They then explained the South American tradition of Las Posadas and how the Holy Family search for a place to stay.  Through Advent, each family will be taking Mary and Joseph back to their homes to stay overnight.  They will offer them shelter and, to represent the meal they might have shared with them, they will then bring a gift of food for the Swanage food bank. In the Posada pack there is a book to keep and share together explaining all about the ‘New Noisy Neighbour’.

We asked for God’s blessing on Mary and Joseph as they travel to our homes this Advent – reminding us of the journey they had to undertake and encouraging us to give generously to those who do not have what they need to live safe and happy lives, and to pray for those – especially refugees and migrants – who are still forced to make journeys which put them in danger and take them away from their families, friends and homes.

We were reminded that as we enter the season of Advent, a time of joyful expectation, we wait in hope for Christmas and the birth of a baby King filled with love and compassion.

We look forward to seeing your photographs of Mary and Joseph whilst they are staying with you; you can email them to the school office