Las Posadas 2020

We will be celebrating Las Posadas again as part of our Advent preparations. The ‘Holy Family’ were brought to our class liturgies  and blessed, ready to start their journey visiting your homes. This year everyone will be having their own Mary and Joseph at the beginning of Advent. We will send home baby Jesus, shepherds and some livestock at the end of the term, and the kings and their camels after the holidays – ready for Epiphany – so you can create the whole nativity.

Do email us photos of The Holy Family in your homes so that we can share them on the website.

Year 2 class liturgy, blessing the Holy Family.



Many thanks to everyone who brought in food for the food bank in Swanage, or money to help CAFOD in their work around the world. We were overwhelmed by your generosity. We held a lovely outdoor Harvest sharing time, followed by worship in our classrooms.

Home Learning

You may be having trouble accessing some of the online learning resources, eg TTRockstars. With most children now at home and many adults working from home, servers and internet services face a massively increased load. Please be patient and use non-internet suggestions for working at home. Don’t forget to keep looking at this page for more ideas from St Mary’s teachers.

Also, please remember that this is not home-schooling and you are not expected to be your child’s teacher. Do some reading, do some writing, do some maths – but use the novelty of being at home too: telling the time, cooking, shopping and money, seasons and growing/living things around them, helping out, child-led learning/projects, drawing/sketching and definitely time to play.

Home Learning


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Summer Reading Challenge

Daily lessons for each year group on BBC Bitesize, and also from Oak National Academy.

CAFOD virtual Liturgy | Daily Prayers to use at Home

Keep moving: Jo Wicks workouts (live on Youtube at 9am but available afterwards); Diverse Dance 10 mins dance workouts (Facebook Live at 1.30pm); BBC Boogie Babies; Disney 10 Minute Shakeups; BBC Super-Movers