Year 2 visit Arne

Hot on the heels of the BBC, year 2 visited Arne for a day of investigating and learning in support of their topic, Birds. It wasn’t even spoiled by the rain. Half the school were busy getting rained on that day… year 4 at Brenscombe, year 2 at Arne and year 1 at Corfe Castle.

Year 2 Tigers

As part of their topic on tigers, year 2 had a fascinating visit to Marwell Zoo. In school they prepared and performed a Tiger Dance to accompany a reading of William Blake’s The Tyger by years 5 & 6 – reception were a very surprised and appreciative audience. Later, they shared research they had written up about tigers with reading buddies.

Back in school they wrote a recount of the trip to Marwell. Here are two of these pieces of excellent writing.