Bird Boat Trip

Once again, years 3 & 4 were lucky enough to spend a morning on the bird boat, cruising a very still Poole Harbour. The trip was organized through Birds of Poole Harbour, who pay for everything and provide binoculars and expert guides/birders.

Here is a list of what we saw:

  • kingfisher
  • buzzard
  • cormorant
  • shag
  • shelduck
  • spoonbill
  • little egret
  • great crested grebe
  • red-breasted merganser
  • avocet
  • dunlin
  • golden eye
  • oystercatcher
  • bar-tailed godwit
  • redshank
  • and 2 seals

Year 3 & Year 5 Tented Camp

Children from years 3 & 5 enjoyed a brilliant overnight camp on our school field. It was jolly cold on Monday night, but Tuesday made up for it with a warm sunny day. The children took part in setting up camp, games, challenges and activities, all arranged by the leaders from the Allnatt Centre in Swanage, to whom we say a big THANK YOU!

Year 3 visit Studland

Year 3 were lucky enough to be invited to view the Cyril Diver exhibition at Studland Study Centre, and to undertake some fieldwork looking for plants that were recorded by him at Studland 80 years ago. There were fascinating photos and specimens of insects to look at, and microscopes, too, for close-ups of moss, moths’ wings and beetles’ legs.

Read more about the Cyril Diver Project at Studland.

Brownsea Island trip

After a whole year, Year 3 made it to Brownsea Island. It was good British Summer Weather – windy and damp – but we had a great day, including red squirrels, peacocks, hens and chicks, cricket, lots of walking.

Year 3 at Studland

Year 3 had a super day at the National Trust Study Centre at Studland. We collected leaves from around the study centre and defined their shape and features using the scientific terms. Then we ranged farther from the centre, collecting even more leaves to add to our impressive posters. After lunch (in the shade – it was hot and sunny by now!) we walked through the dunes to the beach and made sand sculptures of Jurassic Coast creatures. Mr Mauro found a barrel jellyfish which had been blown onshore by the wind.