Years 5 & 6 – Roman Trip

Year 5 and 6 visited Dorchester to explore its Roman heritage. They visited the keep museum where curator Chris talked to them about Roman soldiers, including their armour and fighting tactics. Then they walked into Dorchester to visit the Roman town house at the back of County Hall – the best preserved example in the country.  After lunch a look around the replica round houses at the Prince of Wales School then off to Maiden Castle where they climbed the ramparts; saw the Roman temple and found relics in the mole hills – watch this space to see what they found!

Years 5 & 6 Dragons Den

Year 5 and 6 designed and made sandals for children in Africa. They then evaluated the design and tried to persuade the Dragons to invest in their product. The Dragons struck some hard bargains!

British Values in Years 5 & 6

Mrs Meteau’s class have been discussing British Values and making posters of each value to display in their classroom.