Year 6 Shire Hall trip

Year 6 visited the Shire Hall Museum in Dorchester where they found out about how we know about the past?  What are artefacts?  What kind of sources might one use?We also learned about Saxon Crime and Punishment and compared to our previous learning about the experiences of Elijah Upjohn in Victorian times. 

Year 6 visit Leeson House

Year 6 had a super day at Leeson House where they developed their mapping skills – reading bearings using 6 figure grid references – and completed some team building challenges… and what gorgeous weather!

Year 6 Topic Work

Year 6 have been using their experience at the Southampton Art gallery to produce some wire sculptures, beautiful drawings of Medusa and some re-tellings of the myth of Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa, influenced by  the set of pictures by Sir Edward Burne-Jones.

Saint Paul

Year 6 had a very special visitor today! St Paul came to answer their questions about his encounter with God on the Damascus road and how he left his old life behind to lead a life of Faith.


Year 5 and 6 have been learning and practising their sewing skills for their DT projects. They have learnt new stitches and copied a plan inspired by ancient Greek patterns. Many new sewers were surprised at how much they enjoyed it and by how easy it was. They had a lovely afternoon and are very proud of their achievements!

Year 6 visit to Southampton Art Gallery

Year 6 enjoyed an excellent day Southampton Art Gallery – travelling by train added to the excitement!  We spent time exploring the Perseus collection of paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite artist, Edward Burne-Jones.  The paintings tell the story of Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa and were a perfect introduction to our learning about Greek myths.  Not only did we unpick the story, we also had a chance to look really carefully at the pictures – discussing the artist’s choice of colours and exploring some of the different techniques he used.  We the had the opportunity to create Medusa heads as wire sculptures. We will be finishing these at school  – watch out for them on display soon.  Finally, we had the opportunity to look at some of the other artwork in the gallery.  We saw a fabulous range of pictures from those painted in the 1350s right up to ‘wall art’  – where the image created by the artist is projected onto the wall, then drawn onto the wall and re-created in paint by artists at the gallery every time they want to exhibit the piece.  Thanks to all the adults who came with us helping to make the whole day really enjoyable for everyone.

Carol Service at St Edward’s

Thank you to everyone who came to our Carol Service at St Edward’s.  It was a lovely service which the children led with great confidence.  The band, made up from staff and pupils, provided accompaniment to the congregational carols whilst David Fawcett played piano for all the musical items.

Years 5 and 6 premiered the school songs which they have been writing in their music lessons with David Fawcett – the year 5 song, Be loving and Truthful,  is linked to our school motto and Gospel values whilst the year 6 song used Laudato Si (the Pope’s letter to the world) as their inspiration.

Thank you also for your generous donations for Nakirebe Primary School in Uganda –  just over £160.

Year 6 Rewrite History

In a dramatic reenactment of the Public Inquiry, held at the Masonic Hall, Wareham in March 1948, the residents of Tyneham argued their case against members of His Majesty’s Government and representatives from the Army.

The village was evacuated in December 1943 to allow the Army to use the area as a firing range. The Government of the time had promised that they would be allowed to return after the war. In 1949 they were still waiting…

After an emotional and sometimes heated debate the general public were left to cast their votes against the following motion: Should the families of Tyneham village and surrounding area be allowed to return to their homes?

The vote was a resounding YES, they should be allowed to return to their homes. Have Year 6 changed the course of history…

Year 6 visit Tyneham

Year 6 visited Tyneham as part of their topic learning. They explored all the buildings that they had been finding out about on the internet and by looking at public records.  They even visited the school house and farm and pretended that they were performing at the Tyneham Theatre.